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Family law

The advocate company „Andriy Myahkyy and partners” renders a legal aid in the sphere of family legal relationships, including the followings types of services:

Consulting in relation to defense of rights of the subjects of family relations and guard of family.

Development of marriage contracts projects and other types of agreements.

An assistance in solving of conflict situations in family.

Defense of rights and representation of interests of all family members in courts, organs of public prosecutor.

Representation of all family members interests in the organs of guardianship and anxiety.

Legal help in execution of court decreets (penalty of alimonies, diminishing of size of alimonies, evictions, establishments, and others like that).

Grant of legal aid at dissolution of marriage.

Help in establishment of the mode of the separate dwelling of the married couples.

Consulting on questions of distributing of common domestic property of the married couples.

Assistance in determination of child residence.

The legal help in deprivation of paternal rights.

The help in the questions of proceeding in paternal rights.

Legal help on questions of adoption of children, which live on territory of Ukraine by foreign citizens.

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