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Corporate consulting

 „Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” Law Firm provides legal services in the field of corporate law in current:


Corporate consulting

Consulting on questions of choosing the most optimal legal form of holding business in Ukraine.

Preparation the set ofdocuments for setting up and registration a company, documents for starting up enterprise activity, in particular constitutional documents, protocols, local statutoryacts.

Registration of legal entities (companies) of all legal corporate forms, and also of the separate subdivisions, affiliates and subsidiaries.

Establishments of foreigncompanies, accreditation of permanent enterprise, banks’ establishments.

Legal advising onestablishing ofholding companies, company corporations, joint ventures, asset management companies, investment trusts, as well as obtaining  all the necessary permissions,registration securities and i offerings.

Legal assistance inreorganizations and liquidations of companies.

Preparation, convening and holdingthe ofshareholdersand general‘meetings. Course of lawenforcement during shares sale and purchase , includingdraftingof agreement and giving a full range of legal support during negotiations and processof acquisition and documents registration.

Legal advisinginbusiness restructuration matters.

Legal audit of companies.

Corporate law.

Operations with securities

Legal assistancewith securities agreements, in particular with the promissory notes, registration

Legal support  with securities issuanceand provisionservices on registration of securities offering. Legal concernin cessation of circulation of securities and consolation of securitiesRepresentation of clients’ interests atthe National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine and its territorial subdivisions.investment’s activityadvising

Advising on questions of investing,  investments returning, received income by investor, observances of currency control requirements.

Opening of investment accounts.

Registration of foreign investments. National bank of Ukraine licenses obtainingfor investing abroad and realization of other currency operations.

Registration of labor relationships with the localauthorities

Drafting of employment contracts with leaders and members of localfor authorities.

Legal accompaniment of stopping of labor relations.

Consulting on questions of employment of foreign citizens and receipt of permissions on employment, residential permits.


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