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Securities and financial institutions

„Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” provides consultation on questions of securities registrationand stock trading (actions, bonds, bills of exchange, mortgage securities, investment certificates, certificates of funds of operations with the real estate) and financial instruments, and also establishing financial institutions:


Development the scheme of business activity optimization with the securities involvement

Creating optimization schemes of taxation and cash flow of legal entity with the use of securities.

Development of self-finance schemes with the use of institutes of the general investing.

Program of the alternative crediting development by actions, bonds.


Securities issuing registration

Legal assistance insecurities’public and private offering.

Accompaniment in share and in mutual fund share registration.

Registration of financial institutions

Setting up companieswith closed-end not diversify mutual investment fund (venture fund).

Legal supportinprofessional stock marketers (securities trading) establishing.

Legal advising on setting up financial institutions of property’ management of housing construction (constructing financing fund).

Advising on transactions in securities 

Drafting agreements, which regulates the relationships betweenemitter(investor) andstock marketeers.

Emitter interests’ representation on issues related to infractionson securities market.


Finance services on mortgage

Development and legal accompaniment of the mortgage credit lending.

Forming of mechanisms of the mortgage crediting in mutual relations «seller-buyer-bank».

Development of the bank refunding schemes with the use of securities, also as creating alternative crediting for stock marketeers.

Supportingmortgage securities operations (mortgage, mortgage bonds, mortgage certificates with the fixed profitabilityand mortgage participationcertificates).

Forming and work with mortgage models (with the consolidated mortgage debt and mortgage pool).


Financial services on construction

The most optimal individual selection of financial decision with the use of securities (bonds, actions, investment certificates, bills of exchange), financial instruments (options) or financial institutions.

Fitting up financial model of special or discount bonds use to finance a building construction followed by accompanied of its operations on securities distribution and redemption (cancellation).


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