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 The law firm „Andriy Myahkyy and partners”  offers full range of services on protection of rights and legal interests in courts of administrative, civil, criminal and economic legal proceeding. Legal services providedatall judicial authorities of Ukraine, arbitration courts, also in European Court of Human Rights:

Pre-trial settlement of a disputes

Provision of verbal and writing consultations on matter of dispute.

Legal examination of documents.

Determination of possibility to settle down a dispute in pre-trial order.

Participating in negotiations on the pre-trial adjustment of disputes.

Drafting agreement of lawsuit.


Legal support with administrative offences

Protection of client’s rights and interests at legal investigation about bringing to administrative responsibility.

Appeal of decisions about bringing to administrative responsibility.

Legal assistance in criminal proceedings

The rights and interest’ legal aid in pre-trial investigations.

Defense of rights and legal interests of a suspect, accused (defendant), convicted, acquitted person in all courts.

Representation and defense of rights and interests of complainants, victims, witnesses, civil claimants (defendants) in criminal proceedings.

Legal assistance associated with filing up the petitions for protection against violations of human rights and fundamental freedomsto European Court of Human Rights.

Interests representation in courts of administrative, civil, economic proceedings

Collection, analysis of proofs and determination of case conducting tactic in a court.

Preparation and presentation of statement of claim or other judicial document (application, complaint) to a court.

Study, analysis of statement of claim against a client, preparation of writing objections.

Participating in proceedingof a casesintrial, courtof appeal and causational procedure. Providing legal services in: (i) familiarization with materials of case, (ii) making copies of case materials, (iii)  obtainingcourts decisions, legal resolutions, (iiii) participating incourt sittings, (iv) providingthe evidences, (v) participating in evidences studies and evaluation, (vi) filing of proposals and challenges, (vii) giving oral and writing explanations, (viii) and also realization of other judicial rights of a client.

Consulting clients on possibility/necessity of lawsuit change, increase or diminishing of size of lawsuit requirements, renunciation of suit, admission of suit, bringing of counter-suit, conclusion of agreement of lawsuit during a judicial trial, and also appointed actions procedural implementation.

Advising on matters of suspension or closing juridical proceeding, abandonment of claim.

To appeal the court decision,legal resolution, court conclusion in appellate/cassation court.

Preparation of objections on appellate/cassation complaint of counterpart.



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