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Restructuring and Bankruptcy

System processes and trends emerging in the Ukrainian economy in the recent years have boosted demand for legal services on bad debts restructuringand legal support for bankruptcy proceedings. "Andrii Myahkyi and Partners" Law Firm offers a full range of services in the field of ​​restructurisation and bankruptcy procedures initiated against insolvent debtors. For every client, we develop a comprehensive strategy that combines judicial and extrajudicial methods, as well as we lead complex negotiations on debt restructurisation, and provide a full support in bankruptcy proceedings. Years of unique experience in dealing with various financial transactions enabled experts of "Andrii Myahkyi and Partners" Law Firm to represent the interests of both debtors and creditorsat a high professional level, as well as to act as officialreceivers.

We realize that handling any case of restructuring and bankruptcy, it is essential to understand the specifics of each client's business, in order to represent successfulhis interests, from initiation of the procedure to the disposal of assets, financial recovery or winding-up of a company. Our Firm cooperates with export-and-credit agencies, public authorities, insurance companies, guarantors and borrowers in the banking, public and insurance sectors of the economy. We also support the processes of restructurisation of international debt and sale of troubled assets.

Due todiversified experience of legal work in various industries, our experts fully understand the needs of clients and thus develop the most effective strategies for restructuring of bad debts on an individual basis.

Our frontline services on restructurisation and bankruptcy field includes:


Handling bankruptcy cases, including protection of creditors' rights, advocating of creditors' claims at courts;

Providing official receivers services;

Assessment of financial performance of businesses, and assets of companies;

Assistance in the restructuring of assets owned by debtors;

Support in the disposal of assets owned by debtors - legal entities in proceedings, auctions, tenders, write-offs, direct sales;

development and implementation of a financial recovery plan;

criminal proceedings related to the bankruptcy procedure;

court restructuring.

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