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Copyright and media law

„Andriy Myahkyy and Partners”  is always ready to help our\clients in copyright and media law sphere. We can represent the interests of television and radio organizations, various publishing houses, producers and distributors of software, design studios, developersofInternet sites, production studios, providers of mobile content, advertisement agencies:

Contractual work

Drafting all of types of agreements in the sphere of copyright and related intellectual property rights (license contracts, assignmentagreements, commissioning agreement and others), rightsacquisition agreementof types of the TV broadcasts, episodic televisionseries.

Drafting TV broadcastsand radio programs distribution’sagreements aliveby cable, satellite, Internet etc..Execution of contracts in advertising, sponsorship, product placement.

Execution itch stage of printed media enterprise..

Legislative drafting activity and analytics

Participation in development of legislative draftsin television and radio broadcast field, cinematography, copyright and related rights.

Monitoring and analysis of legislative draft in MASS-MEDIA, copyright and related rights.

​Legal audit

Legal audit of companies activity in copyright and related rights area.

Legal consulting

Legal advisingof clients on the legal aspects in carrying on business in the sphere of television broadcast, cinematography and publishing..

Clients consultingincopyright and related rights issues, startingfrom confirmation of authorship and up to choosing optimaldefensemechanism of infringed rights.

Legal advisingonproducing, acquisition and usingof intellectual property and related rights, including  negotiations with producers and distributors of the particularproduct.

Tax planning and optimization of taxation in producing andusage of intellectual property and/or related rights.

​Legal Representation

Representation of clients’ interests in relations with organizations of collective management ofcopyrightand relatedrights.

Representation towardsclients’ interests beforestate bodies, in particular in the licensing of television and radio broadcast and registration (re-registering) of printed MASS-MEDIA matters.

Pre-court resolution of copyright and related rights’disputesat all stages.

Litigation in the courts of general jurisdiction, commercialcourts and arbitrations on behalf of client’s interests


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