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Whatever your challenges, we have the resources and experience to handle any legal issues you may have. Read about our services below and contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

  • Litigation

The law firm „Andriy Myahkyy and partners”  offers full range of services on protection of rights and legal interests in courts of administrative, civil, criminal and economic legal proceeding. Legal services providedatall judicial authorities of Ukraine, arbitration courts, also in European Court of Human Rights: Pre-trial settlement of a disputes Provision of verbal and writing consultations on matter of dispute. Legal examination of documents. Determination of possibility to settle down a dispute in pre-trial order. Participating in negotiations on the pre-trial adjustment of disputes. Drafting agreement of lawsuit. Legal support with administrative offences Protection of client’s rights and interests at legal investigation about bringing to administrative responsibility. Appeal of decisions about bringing to administrative responsibility. Legal assistance in criminal proceedings The rights and interest’ legal aid in pre-trial investigations. Defense of rights and legal interests of a suspect, accused (defendant), convicted, acquitted person in all courts. Representation and defense of rights and interests of complainants, victims, witnesses, civil claimants (defendants) in criminal proceedings. Legal assistance associated with filing up the petitions for protection against violations of human rights and fundamental freedomsto European Court of Human Rights. Interests representation in courts of administrative, civil, economic proceedings Collection, analysis of proofs and determination of case conducting tactic in a court. Preparation and presentation of statement of claim or other judicial document (application, complaint) to a court. Study, analysis of statement of claim against a client, preparation of writing objections. Participating in proceedingof a casesintrial, courtof appeal and causational procedure. Providing legal services in: (i) familiarization with materials of case, (ii) making copies of case materials, (iii)  obtainingcourts decisions, legal resolutions, (iiii) participating incourt sittings, (iv) providingthe evidences, (v) participating in evidences studies and evaluation, (vi) filing of proposals and challenges, (vii) giving oral and writing explanations, (viii) and also realization of other judicial rights of a client. Consulting clients on possibility/necessity of lawsuit change, increase or diminishing of size of lawsuit requirements, renunciation of suit, admission of suit, bringing of counter-suit, conclusion of agreement of lawsuit during a judicial trial, and also appointed actions procedural implementation. Advising on matters of suspension or closing juridical proceeding, abandonment of claim. To appeal the court decision,legal resolution, court conclusion in appellate/cassation court. Preparation of objections on appellate/cassation complaint of counterpart.

  • Tax Law

The Law Firm „Andriy Miahkiy and Partners” is providing the wide spectrum of services in taxation. Our consultations will help your business not to lose in the large world of taxes of Ukrainian and oversea economy: VAT ​ Consulting of clients on VAT and other indirect taxes that collected on the territory of Ukraine. Consulting clients on issues of export and import taxation. Legal advising on of operations on VAT compensation. Income tax ​ Providing full consultation on all types of agreements and transactions. Consulting foreign companies and their representative offices on matters of Ukrainian taxation. Clients' advising on prevention of double taxation within international agreements.  Tax planning Development of corporate structures, business-design. Restructuring of business activity taking into account the most optimal tax consequences. Tax planning, in particular, creation the most effective tax structures for the different kinds of agreements and operations. Business tax planning activity on the territory of Ukraine and abroad of our clients. Realization of the offered structures. Tax planning for private individuals   Planning of profits and official charges for private individuals. Holding tax bookkeeping,providing tax compliance proceeding, reporting to tax authorities. Disputes with tax authorities   Legal support during tax supervising, authority inspections. Legal accompaniment in appealing of tax authorities decisions within the framework of administrative procedure. Clients interests’ representation in trials.

  • Restructuring and Bankruptcy

System processes and trends emerging in the Ukrainian economy in the recent years have boosted demand for legal services on bad debts restructuringand legal support for bankruptcy proceedings. "Andrii Myahkyi and Partners" Law Firm offers a full range of services in the field of restructurisation and bankruptcy procedures initiated against insolvent debtors. For every client, we develop a comprehensive strategy that combines judicial and extrajudicial methods, as well as we lead complex negotiations on debt restructurisation, and provide a full support in bankruptcy proceedings. Years of unique experience in dealing with various financial transactions enabled experts of "Andrii Myahkyi and Partners" Law Firm to represent the interests of both debtors and creditorsat a high professional level, as well as to act as officialreceivers. We realize that handling any case of restructuring and bankruptcy, it is essential to understand the specifics of each client's business, in order to represent successfulhis interests, from initiation of the procedure to the disposal of assets, financial recovery or winding-up of a company. Our Firm cooperates with export-and-credit agencies, public authorities, insurance companies, guarantors and borrowers in the banking, public and insurance sectors of the economy. We also support the processes of restructurisation of international debt and sale of troubled assets. Due todiversified experience of legal work in various industries, our experts fully understand the needs of clients and thus develop the most effective strategies for restructuring of bad debts on an individual basis. Our frontline services on restructurisation and bankruptcy field includes: Handling bankruptcy cases, including protection of creditors' rights, advocating of creditors' claims at courts; Providing official receivers services; Assessment of financial performance of businesses, and assets of companies; Assistance in the restructuring of assets owned by debtors; Support in the disposal of assets owned by debtors - legal entities in proceedings, auctions, tenders, write-offs, direct sales; development and implementation of a financial recovery plan; criminal proceedings related to the bankruptcy procedure; court restructuring.

  • Commercial and contractual law

„Andriy Myahkyy and partners” offers legal services in accompaniment of different commercial transactions and complex legal counselingof business: Contractual work Participating in negotiations relating to establishing of different contract types. Legal analysis of the existingcontracts. Drafting purchase-sale agreements, services provision contracts, rent, loan, constitution, investment, leaseagreement, agent, distributive agreements, et cetera. Advising on the application of various, waysto ensure compliancewith fulfillment of contractual obligation. Complex legal advising The choice of optimalforms of agreements’implementation with consideration onthe most legal protection and minimization of taxation during adherence to an agreement/ Participation in conducting various legal audits. Licensing and certification Consulting on mattersofindispensability of licensing and certification procedures in Ukraine. Legal writing the set of documents and fillingof all procedures, related to acquisition of license. Client’s representation at consideration of disputes, related to obtaining licenses or certificates. International judicial and arbitration procedures Drafting of the arbitration clausesand statement of venue. Representation of clients as plaintiffs and defendants in trials vsnon-resident, institutional and ad hoc international tribunals. Pursuitof business on recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Legal support of internationaleconomic activity Full rangeconsultingon issuesof international economic activity on territory of Ukraineto residents and nonresidents. Drafting and examination of international economic agreements. Consulting on questions of optimizationcustom payments, custom adjusting, supportingof export-import operations. Legal securingof external internationalcurrency-credit operations. Legal support of antitrust compliance Obtaining economic concentration permits from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. Legal audits on matters of antitrust compliance. Representation of clients in courts in cases of violation of antitrust laws.

  • Securities and financial institutions

„Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” provides consultation on questions of securities registrationand stock trading (actions, bonds, bills of exchange, mortgage securities, investment certificates, certificates of funds of operations with the real estate) and financial instruments, and also establishing financial institutions: Development the scheme of business activity optimization with the securities involvement Creating optimization schemes of taxation and cash flow of legal entity with the use of securities. Development of self-finance schemes with the use of institutes of the general investing. Program of the alternative crediting development by actions, bonds. Securities issuing registration Legal assistance insecurities’public and private offering. Accompaniment in share and in mutual fund share registration. Registration of financial institutions Setting up companieswith closed-end not diversify mutual investment fund (venture fund). Legal supportinprofessional stock marketers (securities trading) establishing. Legal advising on setting up financial institutions of property’ management of housing construction (constructing financing fund). Advising on transactions in securities Drafting agreements, which regulates the relationships betweenemitter(investor) andstock marketeers. Emitter interests’ representation on issues related to infractionson securities market. Finance services on mortgage Development and legal accompaniment of the mortgage credit lending. Forming of mechanisms of the mortgage crediting in mutual relations «seller-buyer-bank». Development of the bank refunding schemes with the use of securities, also as creating alternative crediting for stock marketeers. Supportingmortgage securities operations (mortgage, mortgage bonds, mortgage certificates with the fixed profitabilityand mortgage participationcertificates). Forming and work with mortgage models (with the consolidated mortgage debt and mortgage pool). Financial services on construction The most optimal individual selection of financial decision with the use of securities (bonds, actions, investment certificates, bills of exchange), financial instruments (options) or financial institutions. Fitting up financial model of special or discount bonds use to finance a building construction followed by accompanied of its operations on securities distribution and redemption (cancellation).

  • Labour Law

„Andriy Myahkyy and partners” Law Firm gives legal support in the different issues of labour relationship: Advisingon labour legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries. Coordinating approvals on hiring toforeign companies with the executive authorities of Ukraine. Drafting and framing of collective agreementsand holding treaty process. Development of rules of internal labour orders, staff regulations, labour instructions, labour contracts. Realization of legal accompaniment of discharge of employees in connection with reorganization of enterprises, including in connection with staff reduction or quantity of workers. Providing legal support in solving conflict situations with trade-union bodies. Representation of clients’ interests in case of collective employment dispute

  • Copyright and media law

„Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” is always ready to help our\clients in copyright and media law sphere. We can represent the interests of television and radio organizations, various publishing houses, producers and distributors of software, design studios, developersofInternet sites, production studios, providers of mobile content, advertisement agencies: Contractual work: Drafting all of types of agreements in the sphere of copyright and related intellectual property rights (license contracts, assignmentagreements, commissioning agreement and others), rightsacquisition agreementof types of the TV broadcasts, episodic televisionseries. Drafting TV broadcastsand radio programs distribution’sagreements aliveby cable, satellite, Internet etc..Execution of contracts in advertising, sponsorship, product placement. Execution itch stage of printed media enterprise.. Legislative drafting activity and analytics: Participation in development of legislative draftsin television and radio broadcast field, cinematography, copyright and related rights. Monitoring and analysis of legislative draft in MASS-MEDIA, copyright and related rights. Legal audit: Legal audit of companies activity in copyright and related rights area. Legal consulting: Legal advisingof clients on the legal aspects in carrying on business in the sphere of television broadcast, cinematography and publishing.. Clients consultingincopyright and related rights issues, startingfrom confirmation of authorship and up to choosing optimaldefensemechanism of infringed rights. Legal advisingonproducing, acquisition and usingof intellectual property and related rights, including negotiations with producers and distributors of the particularproduct. Tax planning and optimization of taxation in producing andusage of intellectual property and/or related rights. Legal Representation: Representation of clients’ interests in relations with organizations of collective management ofcopyrightand relatedrights. Representation towardsclients’ interests beforestate bodies, in particular in the licensing of television and radio broadcast and registration (re-registering) of printed MASS-MEDIA matters. Pre-court resolution of copyright and related rights’disputesat all stages. Litigation in the courts of general jurisdiction, commercialcourts and arbitrations on behalf of client’s interests

  • Corporate consulting

„Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” Law Firm provides legal services in the field of corporate law in current: Corporate consulting: Consulting on questions of choosing the most optimal legal form of holding business in Ukraine. Preparation the set ofdocuments for setting up and registration a company, documents for starting up enterprise activity, in particular constitutional documents, protocols, local statutoryacts. Registration of legal entities (companies) of all legal corporate forms, and also of the separate subdivisions, affiliates and subsidiaries. Establishments of foreigncompanies, accreditation of permanent enterprise, banks’ establishments. Legal advising onestablishing ofholding companies, company corporations, joint ventures, asset management companies, investment trusts, as well as obtaining all the necessary permissions,registration securities and i offerings. Legal assistance inreorganizations and liquidations of companies. Preparation, convening and holdingthe ofshareholdersand general‘meetings. Course of lawenforcement during shares sale and purchase , includingdraftingof agreement and giving a full range of legal support during negotiations and processof acquisition and documents registration. Legal advisinginbusiness restructuration matters. Legal audit of companies. Corporate law. Operations with securities: Legal assistancewith securities agreements, in particular with the promissory notes, registration Legal support with securities issuanceand provisionservices on registration of securities offering. Legal concernin cessation of circulation of securities and consolation of securitiesRepresentation of clients’ interests atthe National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine and its territorial subdivisions.investment’s activityadvising Advising on questions of investing, investments returning, received income by investor, observances of currency control requirements. Opening of investment accounts. Registration of foreign investments. National bank of Ukraine licenses obtainingfor investing abroad and realization of other currency operations. Registration of labor relationships with the localauthorities: Drafting of employment contracts with leaders and members of localfor authorities. Legal accompaniment of stopping of labor relations. Consulting on questions of employment of foreign citizens and receipt of permissions on employment, residential permits.

  • Criminal practice

„Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” providesfullrangeof legal services ondefense and litigationin the criminal proceeding: Defense in cases of criminal prosecution at all stages of criminal proceedings, participation of a lawyer in pre-trial investigation, in legalproceedings at general trial jurisdiction and juridical decisions including the Supreme Court of Ukraine. Representation and defense of rights and interests of complainants, victims, witnesses, civil claimants (defendants) in criminal proceedings. Legal assistance in applyingto European Court of Human Rights with petition forprotection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Civil law

The advocate company „Andriy Myahkyy and partners” is engaged in such questions in the field of civil law: Acceptance of agreements invalid (sale agreement, gift, loans and other). Penalty of facilities on the agreements of loan, receipts etc. Compensation to the person, who suffered harm to the health.

  • Administrative law

The advocate company „Andriy Myahkyy and partners” gives the followings services in the sphere of administrative law: Consulting on questions of taking decisions by public and local self-government authorities. Development of projects of decisions of public and local self-government authorities. Representation of clients’ interests in public and local self-government authorities. Appeal of decisions, actions, inactivity of state power and local self-government, their public and official representatives. Consulting.

  • Real estate, building construction and land law

’'Andriy Myahkyy and Partners” Law Firm provides legal assistance to clientsin real estate, building construction and land law questions: Contractual work: Legal support inreal estate purchaseagreements, lease, mortgage, other transactions related to the real estate issuesDrafting an agreements according tovendor, vendee, owner, renter, interests’s etc. Registrationof rights: Legal assistance withallotment of a land plot. Legal advising in registration of ownership on the real property. Assistance in obtaining documents and permissions for buildingconstruction, reconstruction, improvment. Legal audit: Real estate due diligence. Risks analysis of participating in construction in view up to a particular real estate property. Legal advising on: alter of land use designation issues. land and real estate transaction taxation. property administration Establishing the best means oforganizational and legal form to implementinvestment into construction.Commissioningof constructionobjects foreign citizens, foreign and international companies, embassies, other private and public entitiesactivities with real estate. Legal supportof entities and individuals activityinquestions of construction’s planning, coordinating and verifying approvals, project documentation, reports, agreements, and other aspects of organization and conducting of a building operations. Interest intermediation Intermediationof clients’ interests towardsauthorities on enforcementof land rights, relationships with design organizations. Representation of clients’ interests in negotiations and realization of other legal procedures related to the operations with all types of real estate. Clients’ litigation' in courts of general jurisdiction and commercial courts during disputes consideration onmattersofreal estate and construction.

  • Family law

The advocate company „Andriy Myahkyy and partners” renders a legal aid in the sphere of family legal relationships, including the followings types of services: Consulting in relation to defense of rights of the subjects of family relations and guard of family. Development of marriage contracts projects and other types of agreements. An assistance in solving of conflict situations in family. Defense of rights and representation of interests of all family members in courts, organs of public prosecutor. Representation of all family members interests in the organs of guardianship and anxiety. Legal help in execution of court decreets (penalty of alimonies, diminishing of size of alimonies, evictions, establishments, and others like that). Grant of legal aid at dissolution of marriage. Help in establishment of the mode of the separate dwelling of the married couples.

  • Industrial property law

The advocate company „Andriy Myahkyy and partners” gives the wide spectrum of legal services in acquisition, realization and defence of rights on the objects of industrial property, including trade marks, industrial prototypes, scientific and other inventions: Protecting from an unfair competition: Consulting of clients on questions of protecting from the unfair competition. Representation of clients’ interests in the Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine and courts. Protection of rights for the objects of industrial property: Consulting of clients on questions of defence of rights on the objects of industrial property. Development of strategies and schemes of defence of rights on the objects of industrial property. Representation of clients’ interests in negotiations, related to stopping of violation of rights on the objects of industrial property. Representation of clients’ interests in the courts of all levels, including preparation of judicial documents. Defence of industrial ownership rights in customs authorities: Registration of objects of intellectual property in State custom service with the purpose of stopping of illegal import/export. Representation of clients’ interests in customs authorities. Registration of trade marks, inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes: Consulting of clients on questions of registration of objects of industrial property, development of optimum registration strategy of these objects. Preparation, serve and accompaniment of requests on registration of trade marks, inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes, including requests on international registration. Appeal of decisions of the Patent department on registration statements objects of industrial property. Continuation of certificates on trade marks validity, support patents on inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes in force. Accompaniment of procedure of trade mark, inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes in oversea countries registration. Accompaniment of agreements, related to the use/transmission of industrial ownership rights: Consulting of clients on questions of transmission or acquisition of rights on the objects of industrial property, also on the tax aspects of such agreements. Analysis and drafting of licence contracts, agreements of commercial concession (franchise), agreements about the complete concession of rights on the objects of industrial property, registration of such agreements. Representation of the clients interests in negotiations, related to the transmission or acquisition of industrial ownership rights. Legal audit of documents about acquisition and use of rights on the objects of industrial property.

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